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South Malling CE Primary


Our science teaching at South Malling fosters a healthy curiosity in children about our world both in the classroom and our wider grounds.

We live in an increasingly scientific and technological age where children need to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare them for life in the 21st century. At South Malling we believe that the teaching of science helps children develop an interest and curiosity about the world in which they live, and fosters a respect for the environment. 

Our science curriculum is largely practical, allowing pupils to develop the skills of observation, prediction, investigation, interpretation, communication, questioning and hypothesizing. We encourage children's enthusiasm and natural sense of wonder about the world - using themselves and their own experiences as starting points for their scientific enquiries. We believe that specific and precise language is key to developing scientific, mathematical and logical thinking that allows children to make links and see connections within their learning.


Useful Links

We use the Developing Experts resource to support our science teaching. 

The BBC's Bitesize pages are designed as revision tools, but they can support learning at any stage throughout the school year. They provide children with information, quizzes and games.

BBC Bitesize KS1 Science

BBC Bitesize KS2 Science

Gifted and Talented scientists may find the KS3 and GCSE sites provide an enjoyable challenge.

BBC Bitesize KS3 Science

BBC Bitesize GCSE Science