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South Malling CE Primary

about our Uniform

Pupils at South Malling School wear a uniform, which, in addition to being practical and cost effective, encourages the children to take a pride in their appearance and their school. Please find below our uniform list and details on where it can be purchased.  

Main Uniform

  • Purple school cardigan, sweatshirt or fleece with the school logo ;
  • Purple or white school polo shirt, or a white long- or short-sleeved blouse or shirt;
  • Mid-grey or black shorts, or trousers, or mid-grey  knee-length skirt, pinafore or culottes; 
  • Plain white, grey, or black or purple socks or tights.
  • (Leggings are not to be worn as trousers but can be worn under dresses or skirts as an alternative to tights.)  
  • Plain, all black shoes or trainers;
  • A warm and/or waterproof coat; (We have wonderful outdoor spaces and use them whatever the weather.) 
  • Pupils from Reception to Year 4 should use a South Malling book bag; pupils in Years 5 & 6 may use a sensible  rucksack.
  • No jewellery or make-up should be worn to school . Those with pierced ears may wear small, simple studs.

Warm Weather Uniform

When the weather is warm, children can also wear the following:

  • Lilac and white checked school dress;
  • Plain dark-coloured, white or purple sandals (no crocs or open-backed sandals);
  • Sun hat - all hats offering adequate sun protection are acceptable. Purple hats are available from the school.

PE Kit

  • Plain white T-shirt;
  • Purple shorts;
  • Tracksuit bottoms in cold weather (KS2);
  • Plimsolls for indoor use;
  • Trainers for outdoor use (KS2).
  • Hair ties - hair should be tied back if it is longer than shoulder length;
  • Draw-string PE bag. 
    (All PE kit should be named and kept in a PE bag on your child's peg. PE kits will be sent home at the end of each term to be washed.)

All uniform should be clearly named. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their uniform and belongings; we do not operate a lost property system.

South Malling School uniform (including fleeces, cardigans, jumpers, polo shirts and PE shorts) is available for purchase from Intersport Lewes. Branded school bookbags and PE bags can also be purchased from Intersport.

Second-hand uniform is available for purchase at reasonable prices from the Friends of South Malling. Please email friends@southmalling.e-sussex.sch.uk with your request and they will let you know if they have the items in stock. The Friends also accept donations of good quality uniform and bookbags. Please get in touch, if you have any to donate.